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 Pushing the Alliance to Greatness

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Rhymell Runehand
Rhymell Runehand

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Pushing the Alliance to Greatness Empty
PostSubject: Pushing the Alliance to Greatness   Pushing the Alliance to Greatness EmptyThu Dec 15, 2011 9:59 pm

A re-port of what I posted in the other alliance...

We have some solid guilds in the alliance and quite a few really talented players. However, the overall impression of the runs we do is poor. I'm not saying that every run the alliace has been doing is bad, but let's just say that we're pretty happy to reach something of mediocrity. I think we're better than that.

We have some shitter players. And without mentioning names, I think we have shitter guilds. Furthermore, I think every one of our guilds needs work. Mine definitely included.

We have pulled this alliance together rather fast from the reminants of sYn and with the drive of Doucet and the help of each of us, we're making it into a cohesive alliance. There's nice forums, a large ventrilo server, worked out rules and heirarchy...

All of that is great. But in the end, our guilds have strengths and weaknesses. If we ignore the weaknesses, then we're going to see the following happen:

Guilds will further weaken and go EC/OMG on us. They'll be nearly empty shells of guilds that once were until we wisen up and boot them. The stronger guilds will eventually seek out stronger company and leave the alliance and without any sort of standards of quality we have, we will be ensured to take guilds that will be willing to ally themselves with whoever is left over.

None of you are new to this. You've all seen it. Let's not let that cycle happen here.

I have a few ideas to present:

1) We make a pool. Say a stack of Ecto and a handful of Armbraces. It should be funded by each guilds leadership and (keep in mind that specifics will need to be discussed) set forward as a prize. We pick on SC area per month (sucks to be anyone not in Epic when DoA month comes up!) and the game is simple:

Each guild has 2-4 weeks (TBD) to set up an all-guild team and achieve their best time. Times would be posted on the LoC site as it's our alliance central repository and the prize pool will be split 8-ways amongst the team and the guild would get the recognition. The players walk away with cash and the guild walks away with bragging rights (which strengthen our image as an alliance and individual guilds) in return for their hard work

2) Another thing I've heard from players is a point system for players starting runs (providing cons, organizing, etc). Every month we could award something monetarily and maybe give them their own vent channel for the month.

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Pushing the Alliance to Greatness
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